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How can we endure the greatest storms of life?  By storms, I’m referring to the difficulties, setbacks, trials, and problems that we face.  If you’re a human being living in the year 2021, I don’t think I need to spend too much time defining that.  Over the past year and a half, we’ve experienced quite a few storms.  Who could have ever imagined a pandemic of this magnitude?  And, as a result of this storm, we have seen major repercussions.  Health, Financial, Emotional, and Spiritual crises, like never before.  It’s important to remember that the storms of life come in all different shapes and sizes.  Maybe you’re currently facing a health storm, a financial storm, a relational storm, or even a spiritual storm.  You could even be facing two or more of these at the same time.  I once heard someone say that when it comes to life, we’re either just coming out of a storm, in a storm, or about to face a storm.  I guess we all know that there is some truth to that statement.  

So, the question that we want to tackle in this book is: How can we endure these storms, or the storms to come? And actually, I want to take it a step further—in this book, I want us to discover a scriptural plan to not only endure the storm, but to have a song in the midst of life’s greatest storms.

Songs in the Storm Book

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