Meet Our Team


Zach Pope

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Zach is the founding pastor of Haven Baptist Church.  After serving for 7 years as Youth Pastor at Calvary Baptist Church of Union Grove, North Carolina, He and his family moved to Santa Clarita to plant Haven.  He and his wife Amber have been married for 14 years and have 4 children. Zach has written many songs and in 2021 he wrote his first book entitled Songs in the Storm.

Zach enjoys spending time with his family, preaching, traveling, drinking coffee, reading books about theology, and riding his mountain bike.


Carole Fitzwater

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Carole has been a part of Haven since day one.  She was the first person to attend a Bible Study at pastor's home in February of 2017.  Ever since, she has played an important role in the function of our church.  She currently serves as our Financial secretary, she is a member of our leadership team and she serves as a hostess at all of our church gatherings.

She is a proud mother and grandmother.  She loves eating sushi and spending time with friends and family.


Matt Ito

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Matt and his wife Hannah have been married for 8 years.  They joined our team in May of 2017 when we were still meeting at the Courtyard by Marriott in Santa Clarita and have been faithful members ever since. They serve on our worship team, lead+teach community groups, and host HomeGroups.  Matt also serves as an advisor on our leadership team.


Matt is passionate about worship, his business, and the Los Angeles Lakers. 


Christina Patterson

    Christina (lovingly known by her friends and family as "Chris") has been a part our team since 2018.  She and her husband(Nick) have been married for 17 years and have two children—Josh and Kaela.  She is active in planning events, coordinating outreach activities, and leading our Home School Cooperative group, Concord Academy.

    Chris loves her pets, she is a fan of Star Wars, and she loves spending quality time with her friends and family.


    Nick Patterson

      Nick has been an amazing addition to the Haven Team. He and his wife Christina have been with us for 3 years. Nick leads our Men's Ministry(called "Just Men"), teaches community groups and hosts HomeGroups.


      He and Christina also love Children's Ministry (probably because Nick is a huge kid at heart). He is always ready for fun.

      Nick loves sports, cars, motorcycles, woodworking and going on adventures

      with his family.


      John Sanchez

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      John is a US Army Veteran and has recently retired from the Sheriffs Department after serving for 30 years. John and his wife Cindy have been married for 40 years and have two children and two grandchildren.

      John loves studying and teaching God’s Word. He leads and teaches community groups and serves on our leadership team.
      John loves spending time with his family. He loves camping and the outdoors. He is restoring a 1987 Blazer with his grandson.


      Joe May

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      Joe has been a faithful, encouraging member of Haven for the past 3 years.

      He and his wife Nympha serve in numerous capacities at the church alongside their 3 teenage children. Joe serves on Haven’s worship team, leads and teaches community groups and is a member

      of the leadership team.

      Joe loves classic video games. His active mind enjoys music theory, philosophy, engineering and painting. Joe also likes to build and restore guitars and computers.


      Cindy Sanchez

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      Cindy has served the Lord in ministry for more than 15 years. She and her husband John joined our team 3 years ago and have been a huge blessing to this ministry. Cindy loves the kids of Haven and teaches all ages. She also leads and teaches community groups and is heading up

      our discipleship program.

      Cindy and John love camping in the woods and at the beach. She is a wonderful host who loves to spend time with family and friends. Cindy is always looking for a way

      to serve others.


      Jerilynn McAdams

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      Jerilynn has been with us for three years and has been a great addition to our Haven team. She has a huge heart for children.  Jerilynn leads the Kids Haven ministry and teaches a variety of ages.  She is also involved in Concord Academy—Our Home School Cooperative group.

      Jerilynn is an awesome mom of three. She loves to read, scrapbook, and use her cricut in lots of creative ways.