“FORWARD” is a declaration of our direction, and a declaration that, by God’s grace, we intend to make progress, moving toward a successful conclusion.  It is a bold declaration that, though we are thankful for where God has brought us, we are not satisfied, and we believe that He has more for us.  That belief compels us to avoid complacency and move forward by faith.
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    Have you been looking for a church where you can meet new people, discover your purpose, and learn more about the Bible in an accepting environment where you won’t get lost in the crowd? Haven is the church for you. At Haven, we are more than a group of people that meets to worship on Sundays, we are a household, a close family of common people that does life together. You are invited to join us this Sunday to experience one of our worship gatherings.
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    At Haven, we are a church FAMILY. One of the most important aspects of a family is their time around the table. Join us on Tuesday nights as we come around the table for a time of food, fellowship, and Bible study.